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Department of Earth Science, Tohoku University

Latest Research

I would like to reveal the mechanism for deep earthquakes. I research the following topic.

    Mechanism of deep-focus earthquakes

    Deep-focus eartquakes occur at depth from 410 km to 660 km in the slab. By geophysical observations and deformation experiments, the phase transformational... more

    Phase field simulation of Ol-Sp phase transformation

    Metastable olivine in the slab undergoes the phase transformation to wadsleyite and ringwoodite under differential stress. It is difficult... more

    Serpentinization under small amount of water and large strain

    Serpentinazation is important to understand the fulid transportation in the subduction zone because serpentine is hydrous mineral and the dehydration affects the mantle hydration and formation of volcanic arc... more

Latest Publication

[1] Modeling of olivine-spinel phase transformation of germanate olivine (Mg2GeO4) by using the phase-field method
[2] Strain localization bands in fine-grained aggregates of germanate olivine and pyroxene deformed by a Griggs type apparatus
[3] Strain-induced partial serpentinization of germanate olivine with a small amount of water


Department of Earth Science, Tohoku University
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